"You love what you do"
Nicole Hollman, Berlin, 2015

Jeremy Kay, Los Angeles, 2015

"Thanks for a great session this morning.  It was the first time I ever actually enjoyed a photo shoot, which is a testament to your user-friendly style."
Carl Lipmann, NYC, 2015

"It was great working with you!  You were amazing, keeping up all that positive energy while dealing with the cold weather, arranging shots and changing filters and lenses, and coaxing the kids into cooperating, all at the same time!"
Larry Penn , NYC, 2015

"The photos are truly amazing - the colors and composition are beautiful and there is a lot of warmth and human connection. Yep, definitely powerful mood boosters, to see the people who love you and how happy you are together"
Sofia Lawson, NYC, 2015

"I think you did an amazing job. You managed to genuinely make me smile at least a half a dozen times each session even though I don't like getting my picture taken. Thanks again!"
Jared Samet, NYC, 2015

"I got 103 "likes" on Facebook within a day, I've never had as many people liking a post of mine in my life! Thank you for that!!"
Sophie Ulrike Dorrer, Paris, 2015