I am a photographer fascinated by the artistic aspects of photography but also by its human dimension and its technical issues. It is an infinite curiosity about the world and individuals which is driving my work.

I had the opportunity to live in many places: as a child in Paris, Caracas and Lisbon, adult in Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris.
I trained at the Louis Lumière School (Paris) and at Columbia University (NY). I worked in the Hollywood as director of photography, and I went for a world tour in 2008 documented in a book: “Mapless, around the world in 800 days”. But upon my return, I had to be treated for leukemia.

All these adventures led me to wonder about the need to make a trade that is useful and make people happy: make portraits, photograph the highlights of a life and iimmortalise them in albums that I create based on the desire and wishes of my customers.

I am passionate about my job, but also the visual arts in general, travel, freedom of expression and chocolate desserts!